Xiaomi just announced the Mi Note 2 and Concept of Mi Max. Mi Note is the phone that looks just similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Guess what If Note 7 was not dead. Can you guess the Mi Note 2 Price?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Price Specs:

  • 5.7-inch curved OLED display.
  • 22.56-megapixel rear camera.
  • 8MP on the front.
  • Snapdragon 821 processor.
  • Up to 6GB of RAM.
  • 4070 mAh battery.
  • Global LTE bands.

mi note 2 price

The phone has a China model and a Global model. 4GB with 64GB of storage with different prices. Also, it has a 128GB of storage model variant which has 6GB of RAM. It will cost you $413 to $516 respectively. (Approximate prices.)

mi note 2 price

Xiaomi is the only company which provides the best smartphones with the cost. Best features and low budget. However, Mi Note 2 is a flagship device but it won’t cost you like Samsung, Apple or Google.

mi note 2 price

Mi Note 2 Price:

The Mi Note 2 price will lie between 30-50INR in India and $400-600 globally. Would you like to buy this smartphone at this price?