MIUI Theme Editor 6.6.30 is the latest Xiaomi theme editor which supports all MIUI versions Including MIUI 8. MIUI 8 is coming global very soon.

MIUI Theme Editor

MIUI Theme Editor is a Xiaomi MIUI official launch of a miui theme editing tool, we believe many of you want to create your own theme Collection . The MIUI theme editing tools can help you make a miui theme that you want.

  • Please attach mobile phone while editing for better results, if you encounter problems you can not connect, install mobile assistant attempt to resolve .
  • Some lock screen editor has not been updated yet.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac (due to system reasons, Mac can not use the drag and drop function).

Instructions to use MIUI Theme Editor

For File management module making
file management module: com.android.fileexplorer
Step 1:  first make the file management module requires a module material,
open the theme editor, connect the phone, tap More and select File manager, as shown above.

Select the upper left corner MI logo, click on the synchronization module, as shown above.
Then open the editor directory and find out the synchronization module and image, copy the desired image to the next created its own theme directory, the path follows the clip directory.
In the file management module, for example editor directory: (New MIUI Theme Editor Version will be there)

We need to create a path in the production of theme data relating to:

Step 2: find the need to modify the picture, into the appropriate location.
Below we summarize some file management module you need to modify, If you want.
1. blue frame background category_gridview_bg.9.png

MIUI Theme Editor

2. The figure below normal category_gridview_item_bg_normal.9.png Press category_gridview_item_bg_pressed.9.png

3. Dropdown refresh background <color name = “bg_refresh_header”> # f3f3f4 </ color>

MIUI Theme Editor

4. Small font color <color name = “ftp_msg_color”> # 80ffffff </ color>

MIUI Theme Editor

Download MIUI Theme Editor Server 1 | Server 2 

Update log for MIUI Theme Editor 6.6.30:

  • Added icons Filter.
  • Support for MIUI 8
  • The lock screen will be updated later.
  • Works Good when Device is connected.