Technology is something that keeps changing (or better to say improving) day by day. Gove are the days when we used to have small screen embedded with navigation, menu buttons alongside as gaming consoles. I know those were wonderful days and you still miss them but with time gaming industry has progressed multi-folded. Today we are living in the era of super computers where every virtual thing is getting real which is the concept with gaming as well. After 2D, 3D games we are slowly moving towards new gaming era where virtual games will give you the experience of the complete real game. We will discuss about what we could see in the gaming industry in coming near time. we can it that will be the Future gaming.

Future Gaming

Talking about the current scenario then we have gaming devices from players like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc. However, these hardware devices come with limitations and with time they start giving hardware problems. Moreover, you can face challenged like yellow light of death (YLOD), Cinavia Message Codes, air vends blocking etc. You might see various other challenges as well.

Next Generation Gaming: what all is possible? Future Gaming ?

Next generation gaming devices are supposed to carry minimum legacy when it comes to generic errors/bugs. Hopefully, we will have more hardware protection and better working of Cinavia algorithms in upcoming gaming consoles.

Gaming Developers are now aiming at taking the virtual gaming experience to a whole new level. This level includes phases like VR (virtual reality). With VR-based gaming consoles, you will be able to play games in real motion. You will install projecting devices around your forehead which will forecast the imaginary into reality. This is good as far as the physical exercise is concerned. Oculus Rift has already entered the VR market with its 107 degrees console.

Developers are also trying their level best on developing projection based gaming consoles. With the help of such gaming consoles, you will be able to project gaming beams on a projector like screen (may even be projected on air itself) which will give you instant 3D experience anywhere. It will look very modern and will take the entire gaming experience to next level. Wii U, Smart Glass, Cross Play from Sony etc are few models that show this gaming category.

Connectivity is on peak today and it can become the basis of interactive games in coming time. You will be allowed to play with opponents of your choice either from your surrounding/friend’s circle or from any part of the world. With such approach, we may have Cloud Gaming experience launching soon in the potential market.

So these are few of the gaming technologies that we may see in coming future, right now the all rumors known as future gaming. Please do let us know your views on this.