Yesterday Sony has Launched Its New Devices in India, They are Glossy in Design Still they are forwarded from the old design no metal body is Used but they looks so, Premium. The Xperia Z5 is the new upgraded Version of Z3+ (Z4) and Z5 Premium is the Device having 4K display which brings a revolution in Display Device Technology. Here are the Hands On Feel about these Devices. Xperia Z5 setted as Rs 52,990 and Premium Xperia Z5 Setted on Rs 62,990.


Build and Design of Xperia Z5 and Premium Z5

The Design is still boring for many if the people, its the some rectangular boxy display. They thing changed is SOny engraved their logo on the left side of the device. Glossy Glass is removed this time and a frosted glass with matte is used this time, this slightly make Z5 a rough from all premium devices.



Fingerprint Sensor is attached in Lock Button on the side edges. the corners are rounded and it looks so cool, no more sharp corners.


Sony Xperia Z5 comes with 5.2 inch Full HD display and the screen got scratch resistant oleophobic coating. Powered by Sony’s X-Reality Engine.


This makes the Viewing from side angles better and you can easily feel the changes while looking from side angles.

The Sony Xperia Z5 coming with 4K Display. They Claims that the phone is capable of capturing videos in 4K Modes and Easily make the More Clear. Now we have to See how it works though. still it is not overtaking AMOLED Display


They Support 5.1 OS with Skin on the top of it. UI is same as the old ones, minor changes with Effects.

Storage and Chipset

Both Devices Supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset with an Octa core processor. first 4 cores work on 2GHz others on 1.5GHZ. Paired with 3GB Ram and 32GB Internal Memory. SD is SUpported in Both of the Devices.
the Same Specs are Showed by Xiaomi in Xiaomi Mi4C.



Mostly high end Devices use Sony’s Sensor in camera and in both of the devices Sony Used a Brand New Sensor which is capable of 4K Shooting.

A brand new Classic 23MP Camera, and a 5MP in the front. the most important thing is Sony is claiming its Focus time is only 0.03secs, this is Hybrid Auto-Focus.AiQqG1RPVDYehX_kanGs5hpWWtHcqnkFpIvmuaMl-9N2



There is 2930 mAh battery in Z5 and 3430 mAh in Premium Z5 and both are capable of two days battery backup, Sony Claimed.
but we are not sure about 4K Display Device weather its capable of this or not. Testing still needed but Z5 is capable by using Ultra Power Saving Mode.



According to price we think they Over-Priced the Device, Xiaomi Mi4c is best Alternative of these Devices if you can Compromise on Camera thing. Still Xperia Z5 and Premium Z5 have very good specs, Camera is better and Unmatchable, Design is Classic. This is Like a party to Xperia Lovers. Sony Should Decrease Price by 10K and 20K on Devices. All the Best People.