As CES 2016 is going on in the United States and Most companies are presenting their innovative products as well as their project work, what is coming next? So, Sony Announced 4K TV, Camcorders, Bluetooth Headsets and more.

Sony CES2016 X93D Series Bravia 4k LCD TV

The Bravia is one of the most popular name in terms of Digital Arena. So, This Bravia 4K LCD Tv made up so much buzz, One Markable thing is It do Support Google’s Android TV and there are some high Specifications, It’s Great.

But do you know It’s LCD TV? Oh Yes, Companies still making LCD Tv’s and some of the Companies like LG, Vizio and Samsung are adopting OLED and Quantum dot Technologies. It will be considered as a traditional TV, but Specs make is considered in the flagship. No, People will not be amazed by this because there is nothing new in the TV, the changed thing is only. It’s Design, yes! The design is Pretty cool.

Sony CES2016 A Turntable? PS-HX500

However, this is the amazing thing which was announced by Sony later on. Turntable, there will be lots of people who would like to buy this Amazing Vintage like Product. You can gift this to your parents, this gonna make them feel better, They can Relive the Vinyl Tracks memories.

Most Loving thing!

This is the only thing which is something amazing in this modern time. but we have to accept Technology is far ahead. Sony should do something unique. They just Puzzled people there but maybe People gonna love these too.

Hear Sony Headphone

Earlier Sony was known for It’s Walkmans and Audio Devices. but this time they struggled too high in momentum. They gives brand new headphones but we can estimate price gonna be Expensive. Acc to hands on They feel comfortable. Music Lovers will love this.

To be Honest, They gotta Well Designed, Beautiful Looking Headphones. Heavy bass and some extra features you gonna love them hard. I love bass, I do HIP-HOP, So Hip Hop Lovers must check this product once.

“Hi-Res Sound” means a pleasent experience of listening, Not Upto mark but Markable, though. Earlier sony did project “h.ear go”, this was a failure maybe among people. Sony Please does something cool for people as Lots of people have expectations from you.

Life Space UX

This is one of the Smart home product, Life Space UX was announced at Sony CES2016, It do have Two LED Bulb and Speakers, It was alternatively named as ‘Glass Sound Speaker‘ and ‘LED BULB Speaker‘. They are available in Japan.

Smart Home Things Via Sony

They are useful at both ways, Definitely people will accept this as a common utility for their home.Still Disappointed. This is the Symbol of Lightning with speakers means you can stream music anywhere in home in future.


Earlier Sony few Camcorders and handy cams, and these two must be talked 1.FDR-AXP55 2. FDR-AX53. You know both are compatible with 4K recording.

This is Stability?

The FDR-AXP55 Sports a high-sensitivity image sensor, Zeiss lens,  and a pixel size which is approximately 1.6 times greater than current Handycam models.

The FDR-AX53 is ‘Balanced Optical SteadyShot,’ which is the combination of sensor and optical image stabilization. In Terms of Usage the bouncing, running, Ups down records are being missed. Still they are out dated for many of the people. Everyone is going straight to DSLR Technology for best Images and Photographies.

Sony also announced it’s Portable Ultra Short Throw projector, which has built-in speakers and battery. It is able to of projecting a 22-inch to 80-inch image onto any non-transparent surface.Good but not Up to mark. We hope next time Sony will do some Specific Innovations.