Today we are Updating about LeTV’s Event which was held at Imperial Hotel, Delhi. This event was for Media, Bloggers and Superfans. This is Quite Interesting LETV is doing Meetup’s again and again, and One of the great things is they are Interacting If you want to Register for next meetup. Visit Here and Stay Tunned to this.


Without talking about anything else, Let’s Come to Products.

  1. LeMe Bluetooth Headset

This is the product which will be loved by every music lover, it has Bluetooth + NFC capabilities, Light Weight, Strong Standby mode of 30 days, 10 Hours Music Playback, Albums Loadings, 195maH Battery. Isn’t this cool?


Our Editor Kaabir tested these, he just loved them. “An amazing feeling of music, I Just want these now” – Kaabir Said.

 2. Le 3D Helmet


Yes, guys, it is! This is the perfect Super Product by LETV, I’m really Impressed after testing this unit. It’s beyond Virtual reality. This has Special Features.


It is 3D and I saw the Step Up Revolution 3D scenes and they were great! It has Monocular Lenses. check out these Cool Specifications:

P60105-1531315.5 sharp 2K LCD Screen, Virtual 1000-inch, 15m Distance, Supports 1080@60fps Video, 3D/2D Images, Field of View 70 Deg.

Lens Size 37.5-51.5m, Reverse Dual convex Lens, Myopia diopter which means a person with spex* can also use this without any issue, they can fix the settings with the better vision of their eyes and enjoy the Games, Movies.

USB Type-C, You must connect a phone to provide MHL signals input, USB charging, and 3.5mm headphone jack for audio stuff.

In terms of the button, On/off, 3D/2D Switch Button, Brightness and Volume button. It is less than 450g.

“I just love it, the best experience of VR.” -Vivek Said.


3. Le Super Cycle

Maybe you love Cycles, but I love Cycles Most. I still ride on my DTB. You Love? So, the Third Product by LeTV is Super Cycle and It’s Super Cool.

Keep the Wheels Rolling baby! It is a more Advanced version of any Smart Cycle.

This Super Cycle can be connected to all Internet things. It has 8400mah Battery and when you Pedal it will be charged too. Isn’t cool for long rides.DSCN0086

It has Walkie Talkie too. Probably you gonna love this.


Finally, at Last, Main Selfie. Find your Self; )

Image from LETV’s Forum

Thanks, LETV and all Supporters. Keep Sharing.