waterproof iphone 7

Today, according to leaks we got to know about to these two features in iphone7 are,  well they are still not officially announced by apple itself so we can count them in Rumors.

1. Waterproof Device

2. Huge Ram, It’s 3GB. yes! the are going to be in next iPhone.

Now Question is  How many of you wants an Apple iPhone7 with these Capabilities ?

As far we know 100 percent people are going to say I want this. Good news is, Acc. to recent reports from research firm TrendForce, the iPhone7 will offer waterproof capabilities. However, there is something about the iPhone7 will have 3 GB of RAM.

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iphone 7 waterproof

Apple is working on innovation from last many years, as far we know iPhone is biggest innovation by apple then many of other gadgets. Apple must do something about current technology and here we go, it’s a news but may be it is true about waterproof and 3GB ram in next Apple’s iPhone7, and Rumours are that these device will work with Intel’s processors for better Performances.

There are so many Android Devices which claims about these abilities, now its Turn of Apple to Overtake the Changes with iPhone7.