Many people believe that HTC Vive price a little high, Vive to $ 799,  & at the same time Competitors RIFT giving on $599. HTC Vive’s price is higher for a specific reason, mainly because it includes the motion controller, there is 2 Lighthouse tracking station. So, Lets Unbox it and Below you can check what you will get.

Ref: zhidx
Ref: zhidx

Here is the look from the outside of the box, Quite Big? Bang!


Just check out manual you can see the assembly, and they include: 2 Lighthouse laser base stations, 2 wireless controllers SteamVR, bagged Vive headphones, cables. Further, you will find on the left put the power adapter, Tozai Line, junction boxes, headphones and similar stent.

Vive’s box is larger than the Oculus Rift, mainly because it is equipped with base stations that can be used as a sensor in order to bring the room the size of a VR experience. Helmet sensors help users to track body movements, it can prevent users from tripping over furniture. Vive runs with the software has been released on the official website, the official claimed that the installation takes about 28 minutes, the reason why to spend such a long time, but you also want to find out where the sensor is installed.

What is HTC Vive? Check out!

HTC Vive priced at $ 799 in the United States, including courier costs $ 829, the entire device can provide room-sized VR experience. In addition to the helmet itself, you will have 2 Lighthouse station (used to track movements), 2 controllers (user-friendly hands-free operation VR). The suite offers 3 free applications, one Owlchemy Labs developed “Job Simulator”, the second is the development of Northway Games “Fantastic Contraption”, the third is Google “Tilt Brush”.  to connect this to your PC you have to settle by yourself.
Minimum Configurations Support:
CPU: Intel performance i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 equivalent, or higher.
Memory: At least 4GB.
Video Output: HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2, higher standards are also available.
USB interface: at least a USB 2.0, or higher specification interface.
Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 or Higher.
HTC and Alienware, HP, MSI (MSI) cooperation, some get VR-certified PC. PC and Notebook configurations meet or exceed these minimum standards, you totally do not need to worry about a single component. Alienware provided Area 51, pushing HP ENVY product line, MSI launched VR notebook. These PC lowest price of about $ 1,700, not bad money if you are willing to burn more money, better performance naturally.

Recommend  VR games:

  • “The Lab”
  • “Giant Cop”
  • “The Gallery”
  • “Elite: Dangerous”.

You should already know Vive location tracking with two controllers, many experiences it is very important, the controller is not unlimited, some video games can only support handle, does not support the motion controller. For example, car-themed video games, playing or when using traditional controllers be better if you do not have to buy a PC compatible handle it.

Ref: zhidx
Ref: zhidx

In order to provide Rift compatible content, Oculus VR is preparing its own program store. Although it is very hard, but Valve better, it has the entire planet’s most popular digital video game store Steam. In recent weeks, Steam upgrade, it opens up a zone for a VR compatible games, the page will tell you what game controller support, as well as other important information.