Sony recently announced real 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre. This Experience surround sound is starting from Rs. 18,990. The main features of these Soundbar Home Theatre are:
• Real 5.1 channel surround sound
• Clean living room concept
• One touch wireless listening with Bluetooth and NFC
• Browse music from pen-drive through Songpal App.

Soundbar Home theatre

Sony India today announced its stylish new home theatre systems; HT-RT5 and HT-RT3, perfectly accompanied by the powerful Soundbars- HT-CT790 and HT-CT390. These new Soundbar Home Theatre have been launched keeping in mind the shift from Home Theatre to Soundbar globally.

5.1 channel Real surround soundbar Home Theatre

Making up for an audio treat, the 5.1channel Real surround sound creates an experience delivering a phenomenal 600W of power through multi-angled and rear speakers. The dedicated external subwoofer works with a 3channelSoundbar delivering true theatre surround sound. The two rear speakers ensure the delivery of a balanced, wide frequency audio response. Equipped with S-Master Digital Amplifier, the HT-RT3 produces only the purest sound quality by minimizing distortion. The HT- RT3 comes with a USB, HDMI-out x 1 and can be flawlessly synched with BRAVIA TVs.

Clean living room concept

Riding on its Clean living room concept, the slim design adds value to the living space. Setting up the HT-RT3 is refreshingly straightforward, with fewer boxes and wires to worry about than regular 5.1 channel systems. Simply plug it into the TV via HDMI, wire up the speakers via the colour-coded connections.

One touch wireless listening with Bluetooth and NFC

The One touch wireless listening with Bluetooth & NFC makes streaming music through the sound bar easier. With Bluetooth on board, one can also enjoy music playback streamed wirelessly from the smartphone. One-touch connection via NFC technology further removes the need for complex set-up sequences.

Songpal App

This application concept is called ‘Smart remote commander’ and is supported by Android and iOS devices. Equipped with intuitive operations, customers can surf music in pen-drive from far away and enjoy their favourite songs through Songpal

Sony Soundbar Home Theatre

The new soundbar systems include the HT-CT790 and the HT-CT390 which are priced at Rs 35,990 and Rs 24,990 respectively. The HT-CT790 is a 15-inch tall and has a thickness of 2.5-inches. It offers 330W of peak power utilising Sony’s sound deflector and S-Force Pro front surround technologies. Addition features like Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi are also included. Both of these will be available from 20 July.

The HT-RT3 and HT-RT5 are soundbar home theatre based systems with a 5.1 channel entertainment. Both of these come with Sony’s Clean living room concept which offers a slim look and ease of installation. It can deliver up to 600W of peak power for an enhanced audio experience. This system also supports Bluetooth and NFC for wireless connectivity as well as options for USB and HDMI output for better quality. The HT-RT5 is a completely wireless system with a total power output of 550W.  Rather than similar connectivity options. It also includes USB, 3 HDMI inputs, and 1 HDMI output. The HT-RT3 is currently available at Rs 18,990 and The HT-RT5 will be available from 18 July with a price tag of Rs 54,990.