Getting a Google Adsense approved account these days is a hard task as Google getting Improved and Protective in reviewing the applications to maintain the Quality of Good Publishers and writer in the Internet stage. They are Crawling Continuously to those blogs websites who Disobey Google Adsense TOS.

Maybe we found these some tips and simple tricks , not tricks but easy tips to remember before applying for Google Adsense program. we Recommend you should wait for minimum 30 days so, that there will be a good traffic on your Blog/Website.

Steps for Google Adsense Approval.

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  1. Custom domain: Use a Genuine Domain Like : , not like
  2. Do Regular work and improve your Site Index, Sitemaps, Formattings. Wait for a minimum of 20 days or till a proper Organic refer.
  3. One of the Best things is “Originality“, Please Maintain it. Write smart , Easy Understandable Articles for People.
  4. Apply with Same Real Name (Banks/Email/Ownership): Use Real Names with the Last name as well as Middle name and NOT the faux name.
  5. Application Owner Address: Use Real Address and With correct format of Locations.
  6. Keep domain info open: Do Not do Privacy on Domain so that Google can Easily Verify it. after Verification you can do Privacy Enable.
  7. If Rejected, then wait for Simply re-apply : Sometimes google do not approve the application, but don’t worry wait for 5-10 days , remove errors , Rise Traffic Then Go Ahead.
  8. Organic traffic: Minimum 50 Visitors per day are required for a decent traffic, do follow all the steps add these are basic steps to remember.
  9. Setup Google Webmaster/Search Console Follow How to Use New Webmaster 2016.
  10. Don’t use other Ads Programs; site must be Clear and Constant.


Description of All Google Adsense Procedures:

    1. Minimum Posts/Articles/Pages:
      Remember if you are using WordPress or Joomla, they attempt to write 2 extended articles of 2000 words every, that ought to be fully beautiful whereas anyone reads them on your website. before Appling writes 40-50 Articles or tries to make 40 Pages with the High Valuable article.
    2. Important Pages:
      Google wants to know the exact information about you so please follow the google TOS, and must create these pages on Website.
      1. Privacy Policy of Google Adsense:
      2. Terms of Usage
      3. Disclaimer Policy
      4. About
      5. Contact Us
    3. Adsense have different TOS for Asia as well as for US side Area of Globe. Basically, for India, the Minimum time for a site is 150 Days as well as in the USA the time duration is 2 Days Only.
    4. Prohibited website Niches:
      Your website Stats can be your perfect reason for quicker approval method if you have got a lot of quality articles on Health, web promoting, Business, Law, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, manner and Social Media.
    5. Google can take your application as a heavy offense if your website contains any of the prohibited content mentioned during this link here.
    6. Website style and User Experience:
      Google continuously wants that your reached page or blog must be simple and minimal so that anyone can access the correct information regarding your articles. and what you want to say to your Visitors.
    7. No Third Party Ads or Programs:
      Google (employees) can strictly verify your website manually and that they hate seeing some third party ads put in in your website. keep your website off from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or the other third party network to urge the primary impression clean on your website.
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    9. Google/Bing Webmasters Verification Page:
      You should Connect your Website to Google Webmasters (Search Console) and Being Webmasters to your website for great Stats Experience. Adding these 2 verifications on your web site code or server can show sensible results on search visibility likewise.
    10. Google Analytics Code:
      Add Google Stats Checking that is Google Analytics UN-1234ABC to our website. If you haven’t created one, click here to register the program. Once registered, get your following code by making new account beneath the accounts tab and enter your website name, URL and different needed details. Place the code on every page of your website to trace the info instantly.
    11. XML Sitemap Page:
      Must Create Sitemaps for your website, for blogger google do automatically for wordpress and other sites Use any Sitemap Generator or Make a Custom Sitemap.
    12. Robots.txt
      Creating Robots.txt file is one of the best methods to disable Junks to your website. if you want to block junk must complete a robot text.

  1. Alexa Rank:
    Before applying to AdSense, ensure your website international Alexa ranking is a smaller amount than 400-500K for quicker approval method. Global Rank below 400K.
  2. Custom Domain and Email ID:
    Once you have got your own domain, produce Associate in Nursing email ID together with your name ( to use the AdSense program. Eg: can get a lot of attention compared to