This news came from South Korea, the home country of Samsung. They are working on Galaxy S8 probably. Samsung may feature a pressure sensitive display in the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. It will be the alternative of Apple’s 3D touch on iPhones.

Will Galaxy S8 features that Display?

This technology detects how hard you press the screen, and this can be used by any software to enable the different functionality depending on the pressure level applied to the display. The rumor is reportedly coming from multiple sources. Also, it is confirmed by the¬†senior executive at Samsung’s component division secretly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

This can be the next big innovation by Samsung, probably yes after Note 7. An official from Samsung supplier said Samsung is continuously working on the new technology and the easy option to add some extra features is somewhere the pressure display on Galaxy S8. It is more like Partial adaptation according to them.

The first smartphones to feature pressure-sensitive displays were Huawei’s Mate S & Apple’s iPhone 6s, 6s Plus last year. Interestingly, Samsung is a “main supplier” for Huawei’s pressure-sensitive displays.

Still, After Samsung did not use those pressure sensitive displays in their smartphones.