According to new reports, you can get a Free Galaxy S8 smartphone. There is only one condition you should be the old Note 7 owner. Also, Samsung is planning some discount for all their Note 7 owners. Whoa! A Free Galaxy S8 is coming!!

According to the report, They were to allow cash discounts to any user who had bought a Note 7 as long as they agreed to retain a Free Galaxy S8.

A report from Korea, If you have already taken advantage of exchanging a Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge, you just simply walk into a Samsung-accredited shop & get a free Galaxy S8 after its arrival. This is still hard to believe such a report, but with Samsung looking for any possible route to try & make their sad customers happy again.

Free Galaxy S8

Free Galaxy S8:

However, it appears that the company has instructed this development team to stop their current work & help find the problem behind those Note 7 explosions. The issue was with defective battery production. Don’t worry they will try their best to launch a better device this or next year. Samsung doesn’t want to loose their happy consumers.