Quick Guide on installing TWRP –

Update – New Version of TWRP 3.0.0-0.1 International(X500) – Here


Navigation in the version 3.0.0-0.1 version of the compiled function as follows
1. based on the latest 6.0 TWRP source and TWRP 3.0.0-1.0 adapter;
2. Perfect support Flash and ADB command;
3. Flashing is easier, you only need ROM Pack in zip format on the memory card can be flashed.
4. support for backup systems to the built-in SD Card and external TF card and recovery system (supports backing up the perfect brush covering the partition contains the underlying, most twrp don’t add this feature)
5. recovery interface is clear, I own like miui style orange interface, help and Romer arecase sensitive, so as to facilitate feedback on bug
6. supports MTP mode and MTP mode normal recognition models
7. supports third parties such as  official packages and miui ROM OTA upgrade online (including Nubia).
8. support the flash  every time, you can disable twrp restart official REC update and restore official recovery.
9. fix some Omni source itself problem.
10. Fix formatting after the data copied to the SDCard system SDCard will be movedto 0 directory problem.
11. supporting built-in external SDCard directory and folder display English: chaos,MTK CPU temperature display.
12. the Terminal and REC interface wrapped normal.
13. fixed twrp3.0 not partition recovery mode problem.

Older Version – First you have to have ADB drivers installed on your computer – Here | TWRP: – Here
1. Connect Device to your computer via USB
2. Enable USB debugging on your phone
3. Run the file recovery.bat
4. Click Enter on your keyboard
5. The phone restarts into fast boot mode (black screen and tiny letters on the inside)
6. Now select the type of recovery 1 – stock and 2 twrp. Press 2 on the keyboard and give ENTER
7. On your phone is displayed for the success of the operation and then press ENTER again
8. The phone will restart  in Recovery mode i.e TWRP.

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ROOT- Download the root package (BETA-SuperSU-v2.67.zip), copy it to the phone, in the selection of twrp  click on install, find the supersu package, and then slide to confirm flashing.

NOTE: After ROOT warranty policy may occur impact, please choose carefully after Rooting you can not update via OTA using recovery .Flash Stock ROM again To update via OTA.

Unroot: Install any stock ROM, and the phone will automatically lose entitlement root/custom recovery.

Installing the ROM experimental or stock, which is not yet visible in the OTA .
1. Download ROM
2. Rename the file update.zip
3.Place it in the Root directory(Internal storage)
4. Now you have Two options: 1 – Enter the system update, select local update and wait until all updates. 2 – if you have a photo recovery it did not go and select UPDATE.
5. Done


  1. Download Gapps package.
  2. Go to recovery (Power button + Volume up)
  3. Locate Gapps package and swipe to confirm flash.

Choose this method of you are using chinese ROM.

OTA System Update steps:

Go to System Update APP-> click refresh, if you have the most recent version click to download operation.

Recovery system update procedure:
In this case turn phone off, press the power button + volume up key to enter the recovery interface, according to the following specific operating procedures.
Select “Use update.zip Update System” -> “Update via SD Card” -> “Update”, reboot into the system.screenshot_Tue_Feb_02_15.17.09


ROMs – Chinese X500 version – Here

Experimental – ROM with the letter E. At the end of the name. This is a kind of nightly.
Stable – ROM with the letter S at the end of the name. This is the stable version.

Credits and Source - Here | Letv forum