LeEco Launched Two Smart Phones in India, Le 1S and Le Max and Today we bring you the Hands on Short Review on Letv All Metal Earphones. They Features a metallic resonance cavity that produces powerful sounds which is only supported in high-end earphones. Those Driver casings are designed and made with solid sound-insulating material, which is able to reducing external noise while minimizing sound leakage.

Specifications for LeTv Earphones:

Color: Gunmetal black
Weight: 15g
Plug type: 3.5mm
Audible unit: Moving coil
Resistance: 16 O
Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz
Mic sensitivity: -42 ± 3dB
Headphone sensitivity: 106 ± 3dB

Letv earphones
In Box, A Pouch, Earphones, Buds.

A Sexy Pouch to keep your earphones safe, and as usual Buds which are made of Best silicon material. we liked this Pouch very much, generally these type of pouches are found in Expensive Earphones but they are only of $11.99.

Letv earphones piston 3

Check out the Difference between Piston 3 and All Metal Earphones LeTv done an awesome job in these earphones we must say. there head part is covered by some kind of Concave structure. It feels confortable to put in and pull out.earbuds letv earphones

These High quality silica gel earbuds comes with different sizes for individual comfort. they are durable enough to withstand deformity.
You can use them for constant use, for a long time you won’t feel any issues and they are very much confortable with any kind of ears.


Open Marking Image from LEMALL US.


There is 3 Key Inline Control. It is Similar to EarPods as well as Piston 3. Gold Plating everywhere as on this too.A  High-quality microphone ensures clarity during voice and video calls, OFC copper wiring allows Hi-Fi sound transmission.Buttons letv

Flexible thermoplastic cable offers strength and flexibility which is  found only in high-end earphones for ensuring a longer product lifetime.
buds letv

These EarPieces are Confortable to me and 9 of 10 People.  A /5 Rating is Perfect for these earphones in this price Segment.

Accessories (4.9/5) – Single-flange silicone Buds 4 sizes One is on Pieces. A Pouch to keep Earphones
Build Quality (4.5/5) – The LETV All Metal Earphones are full gold plated and premium coated material. Marking of L/R makes easier to see. Remote inline is Fantastic and Joining Couple is also there like Earpods have one.
Microphonics (4.7/5) – Completly Audible, on Calls as well in noise area.
Sound (9.1/10) – The Letv all metal quickly became one of my favorite  in-ears. all credits goes to its ability to deliver good clarity,  and overall refinement.  and a very low price of $12.