Pratik Nayek, CEO of Hamee India Private Limited, a graduate from DU topping his college and later joining MIT, Sloan School of Management believed that online shopping would make India transform completely with building trust and confidence on all digital platforms for consumers to start using.

He had been working with Strapya Next Co, Ltd initially and handling its US business. Working in California previously he has ample insights on Marketing and Global Selling with Multiple Product lines. Before joining Strapya Next, Pratik had interned with several companies one of the biggest being Indian Angel Network, India’s 1st & Asia’s largest angel investor network with over 350 investors across ten countries, comprising the who’s who of successful Indian entrepreneurs & dynamic CEOs.

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He had been staying in Japan for over three years where he made Hamee Corp a global business. Hamee Corp a listed company in the TSE has branches in now over six countries. Seeing the potential of e-commerce in India and the need for a better system, Pratik came back to India making Hamee Corp’s subsidiary Hamee India Private Limited. Hamee India has been one of the leading mobile accessory makers in India with now having multiple character and TV licenses in which one of the biggest being Disney / Marvel / Star Wars.

Hamee India has over 83000 products and has started getting over 3200 orders a month. The biggest categories being Designer Mobile Covers, Notebooks, Smart watches, Bluetooth Speakers and Powerbanks. Hamee India will soon be launching the Biggest Platform for Ecommerce for all the online sellers and Marketplaces. Its Platform Next Engine thrive on AI and is the biggest Platform in Japan working closely with almost all the markets.

Pratik believes Indian Market still need to grow more before we can start thinking of a unified platform for connecting sellers and making online selling easier.