The end of March, the Chinese yellow rice science and technology founders and CEO Wang published a lengthy article on the microblogging signature thrown 2016 Smart Wearable Whither industry issues. “In the past, we see European and American companies are doing, we’ll do, we Copy to China. But now we find that they do not yet have good, we can copy who?

” When talking about his lengthy articles Huang Wang said this to write his own mind. “Perhaps also not really a leader, but we may also want to gradually do something (to lead the industry) innovation.”

“we never estimate their market value, but we value in sports bracelet this category, compared with Fitbit, the maximum space can reach 3 billion dollar level, “- earlier, at the press conference held in China meter science and technology last September, will locate its own valuation of $ 300 million.

Huang Wang believes that the current class bracelet wearable device has become a very basic gadget. its future depends on your extension in the field of “enclosure” movement.

Xiaomi WatchIn his view, in the field of wearable devices in the future will have a subversion in the following three areas:

  • Intelligent Runtime Environment.
  • Clothing and fashion fusion;
  • Healthcare.

Huang Wang believes it will prop up Chinese rice new “value space.” In addition to the above three areas, the current hot VR / AR field of science and technology, China now also has distribution meters. According to Huang Wang revealed that Chinese rice science and technology do not show wearing the device, but mining association between itself and the somatosensory bracelet and other functions, and attach by way of a firmware upgrade on existing products.

At present, China rice science and technology plan officially launched next year in the corresponding function. Xiaomi Watch will be called as Mi Watch and Xiaomi Band 2 as Mi Band 2 will release in Q2 of 2016 in china and later on in Global markets.

Huang Hua Wang revealed new Mi Tech and Confirmed Mi Watch & Mi band 2:

  1. In Q2, Mi Band 2 will be available “Big screen, small screen, there will be,” Huang Wang said display is definitely added a new selling point, the price will be slightly higher than the first generation of Mi Bands.
  2. Meanwhile, the “big screen” Mi smartwatch or Xiaomi Watch will be released in the Q2. “We are not the first launch, and certainly not the last launch.” Huang Wang believes that the smartwatches, the current platform-level products for the user stickiness is not high, the product must be from a function just to be starting. Thus, it said he “will not do what can be done, but each is doing in general products, but allowed a particularly strong at a certain function.”
  3. The second half of this year, a new generation of China’s own brand of rice science and technology Amazfit wearable products will be unveiled. According to Huang Wang revealed that it will be a medical grade product and through the relevant national certification by the Chinese rice self-developed technology. Of course, medical grade products less likely to hit fashion, “but Chinese rice products will be very beautiful.”

“Millet brand product line is still the mainstream of science and technology in China meter revenue terms, Amazfit is still just beginning.” Huang Wang acknowledged the importance of Mi Technology, although like all of the entrepreneurial team as its own brand in urgent pursuit, but he stressed that “the future, Chinese rice is still walking on two legs.”