Today Xiaomi is One of the Smart Company and Its worthy to be in Top 5 Companies. As I’m Very Much Satisfied with Xiaomi. and Happy to be with that. So, Here comes again Xiaomi Notebook aka Mibook Came Up in News. What you think about this. A New Image is Leaked by chinese users.

Xiaomi Notebook
Many news that millet is about to launch a notebook computer, which had been hired as vice president of Lenovo Idea Product Group, Wei Chun palm plate .
Now, users are given the news that on the microblogging millet find Yingda ODM laptop after he ready to go Compal, really in line with millet strategy for two ODM factory mutual bargain, a shrinking market Also grab this!
Such is the case, the above-mentioned practices millet, want to make their own notebook has a higher price, and in order to attract users to pay . Although the PC market is shrinking serious, but Apple, Microsoft not only did not give up the meaning, but put more energy.
Old Resources Came up with the news It will be with 15 inches screen notebook, priced at about 3,000 yuan RMB , the operating system does not intend to use Windows but Linux.
What you think ? Millet will be low-cost notebook market reached, but other companies will stand still it?