A heart rate sensor in a dirt cheap fitness tracker.



The long rumored 2nd edition of the wearable, Chinese sources claim that Xiaomi is getting ready to unveil the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S on November 11th and this new bracelet will be able to track your heart rate & will be able to track your sleep in a much more detailed and needed way.

Mi Band 1S

A heart rate sensor in a dirt cheap fitness tratracker Thetical heart rate tracker is positioned at the bottom of the gadget, facing towards the user’s hand. Having a heart rate scanner running will naturally be more taxing on the battery life, so expectations are that the Mi Band 1S will have lower battery life than the original.


mi band 1s

Some of the leaked images shows this have many more things to do, its price is expected to retail for some $15 (Approx 99 yuan).

Earlier, Sales of the Xiaomi Mi Band reached 3.1 million in the Q2 of 2015 and the company has recently reduced the price from $12.5 (79 yuan) to $11 (69 yuan), with speculations that the price drop makes way for the new Mi Band 1S.