Today we got the news regarding the Xiaomi Mi 5 Confirmation, Hugo and Li twitted on Twitter and Weibo respectively, Regarding the Launch confirmation. Acc to Hugo’s Tweet we can consider the launch In the End of Feb. and Acc. to Li Weibo Tweet we can Say It will Launch after Chinese New Year, That is February of Common Months.

Xiaomi Mi5 Confirmation

This is the First week of 2016, and this is fantastic news from Xiaomi. which is at on Heights of Fans. Do you Remember Li Wan Qiang, he announced his Return to Xiaomi. yes, He is Back. according to information, he was with Xiaomi with very start and he was leading two departments with Xiaomi Marketing Team as well as Xiaomi Movies Business Team, this is still in planning situation. He was started with developing custom MIUI, later on creating the and marketing team, including many of the new marketing techniques used by Xiaomi later that time.

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So, Now Li is in and the most awaited news is The Flagship Killer device of Xiaomi, i.e Mi 5. Now, Today Li officially announced Xiaomi Mi 5 is ready and could be announced after the spring festival (also known as Chinese New Year).

Snapdragon 820

Right now Xiaomi Mi 5 is in mass production so that Mi Fans are able to grab it as soon as possible once it’s launched. There were many rumors about this Device as this is the most talked device of  the year 2015. Every Techie is talking about this device, Everyone is waiting for this device.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 sporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 which is capable of processing simultaneously huge amounts of data. Qualcomm’s new flagship CPU is significant faster than its previous chipsets. Snapdragon 820 vs Apple A9 Chip.

Recently, @miuirom on twitter posted a tweet regarding the availability of Xiaomi Mi 5 after Chinese New Year, Now we can say Mi 5 is on the way. Be Ready.

What You are Expecting Now? Everything is Clear, Xiaomi is working hard, Let’s See. We will Update Here So, Stay Connected.