According to Weibo, Xiaomi is going to be releasing two laptop models that will be available to purchase in Q2 2016, and they are Powered by Intel Popular Processors “i5 and i7′, According to Leaks Xiaomi is going to takeover on Apple Macbooks, We are Expecting if the Leaks are real then Xiaomi will Do Something Like this, MiBook Air and MiBook Pro Over Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Respectively. 
According to Us, We think Xiaomi MiBook Will Increase the User Trust on Xiaomi Very Fast, Although Its Affordable and Best!

There was a rumor suggesting that these laptops are going to be running Linux instead of Windows, but we believe that a more resourceful option would be to run Windows 10.
Expected is The Screen will Be 13″ and 15″ and  price will start from CNY 2,999, which is Approx $471. The machine going to take on other products that are priced in between CNY 4,000-6,000, which is equal to $629.30-$943.95. If this pricing model is actually followed by Xiaomi, then Lenovo is going to suffer the most, seeing as how it is the largest PC and notebook manufacturer in the world. and Secondly Apple will Suffer Because of Xiaomi, Day by Xiaomi is Growing Faster in Asian Market. They Love Their Fans Most!

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