Microsoft is updating Windows 10 launch in November, Windows 10 Pro 1151 , Build 10586.available for download. This is from earlier pre-Build 10565 since bug fixes and other updates and enhanced features, and by the thought that Windows 10 users with a better experience.


This was originally codenamed Threshold Update 2, as in the past in addition to modify some mistakes and made for some known issues corresponding measures. Microsoft official blog pointed out, this version of 1151, Build 10586 update, the boot speed of general application, compared to Windows 7 can be shortened by 30% (referring to the same computer terms). Presumably Microsoft also has done some effort to optimize, if not any device can easily reach this magnitude, there are 5 to 10 percent can be considered not a small improvement of.


  • Windows 10 Pro 1151 Update 2 days has begun to push this version 1151, Build 10586 update.

Windows 10 Pro 1151, Update Build 10586 will push through Windows, Windows 10 users should be able to received this two days, and then take advantage of the update. In addition, if you want to re-create the installation disc, follow mode uses the official website download tool previously provided, take a moment to be able to download the updated files to Build 10586. Then select burn to discs or save as ISO format file, another backup storage on demand or made into a USB installation disc.