Vivo will launch It’s new flagship device soon named as Vivo XPlay 5. The phone is confirmed to be with  6GB RAM smartphone within the market. at the side of such an oversized RAM module, the XPlay 5will feature one in all the quickest chips this year, the Snapdragon 820. What’s additional, the corporate has additionally confirmed that the phone can go with Dual Edge, adding to the sweetness of the device. As you’ll see from the specs, the phone is basically about to be extraordinary.

Now, we’d have a primary scrutinize the phone, due to the leaked Vivo XPlay 5 renders. To be honest, they appear quite smart and if the phone is something just like the one within the renders, then Vivo has done a awfully smart job with its approaching flagship. The phone options a borderless style, with the sides arcuate on each the perimeters just like the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Taking these Vivo XPlay 5 renders into thought, the phone possibly comes with an exquisite style. and the specs area unit powerful as confirmed by the corporate within the past few days, that may be a deadly combination.

In fact, Vivo is projected with its tradition of unveiling a brand new feature on a daily basis, as a couple of hours back, the corporate confirmed that the Vivo XPlay 5 can go with Hi-Fi 3.0. just in case you follow the complete, you’d grasp that Vivo’s smartphone have forever been far-famed for his or her Hi-Fi audio, thus its no surprise that the corporate set to use the new Hi-Fi 3.0 customary in its flagship device.

Via Gizmochina.