Parenting Concerns and Cyberbullying

Among all the Internet dangers, cyberbullying is one that occurs most frequently. The digital influence of social media doesn’t allow your child to cut ties with the outside world even when they are at home and this is the biggest reason of the repeated affairs of cyber bullying.

As a parent, discovering that your child is being bullied or finding out that your child is a bully who harasses other kids, both are equally nerve-wracking scenarios. Rather than denying the possibilities of a digital slip-up, parents need to start taking control of the situation to help their children use the Internet positively.

Here are a few tips for parents to deal with cyberbullying:

1. Understand the Situation Clearly

Every case of bullying is different and every child reacts differently in such situations. Don’t expect your child to be brave and take control of the problem instantly. Children take the time to come out of bullying trauma, depending on the gravity of the situation.

Parents can do following things in the meantime:

• What are the reasons that your child is being bullied? Support them and find a solution. For instance, if they are hesitant in talking to other kids or are under confident then parents need to help their kids improve.
• Communicate with your child and be patient with them.
• Assure your kid that you can help them in dealing with the situation.

2. Enforce Rules and Screen Limitations

To successfully enforce Internet rules on your child, you need to take following steps:

• Stay accustomed with technology.
• Inquire which social sites and instant messaging apps your child uses.
• Allow them only a certain time to use screens.
• Help your child in blocking the bullies from social media and messaging apps.
• Engage your child in other noncurricular activities to divert their mind from electronic gadgets and the Internet.

3. Monitor Your Kids Using a Parental App

Want to protect your kids from bullies online? Installing a parental app is a must. Parental apps provide the smart way of ensuring kid’s online safety. Using the FamilyTime parental app, parents can:

• Mirror contact book of their kids and see all the details saved in there
• Track text messages and call logs on kid’s mobile device to make sure their child is not receiving hate messages or threatening phone calls
• Limit screen time by scheduling an auto-lock on teen’s cell phone
• Simply lock their teen’s device with a single swipe
• Block social apps or other apps, if parents want to
• Watch saved contacts and installed apps on their child’s mobile device

To view more features of this app, go now to the app store on your phone that is Google Play Store or your iTunes and get the app from there.