The Finnish manufacturer Nokia returns by purchasing the specialized on wearable devices and other health products French provider Withings in the field of consumer electronics. Nokia today announced that it wants to take over Withings at the price of 170 million euros. Reports

Withings Wearables

 As Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri had announced in a press release, one assumes Withings mainly because you so “digital health” sees great potential in the field of so-called “Digital Health”. We have repeatedly stressed that important strategic interest of Nokia is in this market and is now taking measures to open up new opportunities as Suri.

Withings was founded in 2008 and has approximately 200 employees who are established primarily in France, the US state of Massachusetts and Hong Kong today. The company is primarily known for its watches, fitness bracelets, Sleep Tracker, thermometers, and scales, all of which are equipped with sensors and are able to capture data on the health of the user and to make valuable.

Whoever is afraid that his Withings product soon no longer business, as usual, might work because Nokia shuts down services or adjusts certain offers, must be according to statements by Withings Chef Cédric Hutchings worry, “our applications and products will continue to function as well as before, “he said. After a successful completion of the acquisition by Nokia wants to work together to determine the next steps, so Hutchings on.


It likely will head up healthcare and patient care plays a central role because he also believes that Nokia’s previous plans had impressed for these areas it said. Nokia was initially rose after selling his department for mobile devices to Microsoft completely out of the business with products for ordinary consumers. Finally, they had the cards division HERE sold, so that actually only the network and the patent division remained.

Withings is now part of Nokia Technologies, the remaining arm of the Finnish group, the 360-degree VR camera Ozo Company sells and recently was able to announce a new deal to cooperate with the entertainment company Disney, who wants to use the Ozo camera , That Nokia is amplified to re-enter the business with smartphones and similar mobile products, is considered relatively unlikely, even if it would be the company from the end of this year again possible. Currently it is estimated that Nokia initially expected to put on a licensing its brand as its tablet N1 to third parties. Smart Watch, Fitness Trackers, Withings Activite and Other Accessories will come after comeback.