Recently some YouTubers tested the LG G5 and came up with certain metal related doubts in LG G5, According to a YouTuber JerryRigEverything he told that the weight is something like plastic is there in the phone instead of metal body. he scratched the back of device  and found the layer of plastic coating but he found metal in end.

As LG claims that G5 is a metallic phone but with this plastic coating you won’t feel the metal while holding the device.

To clear all of the doubts LG responds something like this:

“Contrary to erroneous reports online that the LG G5 body is composed of plastic, LG would like to state unequivocally that the uni-body casing of the G5 is composed of a special aluminum alloy, LM201 (Feb. 2016 patent pending).

LM201 was developed by LG in partnership with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology for use in high-end sports cars, aircraft and consumer electronic pducts (sic) where durability, rigidity and lightness are required. As a die-cast metal, LM201 was determined to be most appropriate material to accommodate the curves of the G5.

After the die-casting is complete, the insulating antenna slit is applied directly to the aluminum casing followed by a coating of primer which provides additional insulation and enhances the surface profile for the “microdizing” process, where pigment containing tiny metal particles is applied directly to the primer to provide a smooth and durable finish.

While both anodized aluminum and microdized aluminum will scratch if enough pressure is applied, in the case of the G5 the gray primer beneath the pigment layer may be mistaken for plastic when the coloring is scratched off. We want to reassure our customers that the uni-body of the LG G5 is advanced aluminum alloy, not plastic.”

Now LG claims Lg G5’s body is aluminum alloy and plastic coating is not there it is Primer.   Earlier LG G5 marketing says, there are some issues If we say it as a ‘Metal Phone’ later on they came up with Uni-Body design, or a Sleek Metal Aluminum Body Design’.