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We The247Tech Brings you the Exclusive News from LETV that A SuperProduct will be launched on January 5, and On 30, we were in the meetup. we talked to LeTv’s Team Members, Staff and Cute Ladies there.  here we will talk about Letv Meetup with Bloggers, YouTubers and Superfans.

LeTv Confirmed that Device will, be launching on 5th January Event.

New Delhi, Dec, 30: Letv’s first Le Meetup in Delhi was a resounding success with the active participation of Superfans, tech enthusiasts, bloggers and influencers. At the Meetup Letv presented several videos to the audience to introduce them to the company, its unique ecosystem and also the products in its portfolio. Following this, the participants were given a hands-on experience of the superphones prior to their official launch in the Indian market.

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#LeMeetup proved to be a great encounter for Superfans and the bloggers’ community, giving them an opportunity to preview #LeFuture as envisioned by Letv ecosystem. There was a lively exchange of information and valuable feedback that made the whole session extremely engaging. Commented one of the SuperFans present at the event

It was really exciting to be part of this event that gave us a preview of what Letv has in store for India.  We also appreciate that the company representatives chose to interact with us personally which will certainly strengthen our bonds with the brand.”


We are truly overwhelmed by the response we received to our Le Meetup in Delhi.We recognize that our fans and followers are vital and hence we have ensured that our comment response rate is 98% and response time is no more than three minutes.  This is a new benchmark in the industry and has been widely acknowledged by our fans. Every feedback matters and we will very closely consider them,  he concluded. – Ivan Wang, Associate Director, Digital Marketing said.

The Meetup had an exclusive Q&A session and an open dialogue between fans, bloggers, Youtubers, and Le staff.

Letv shared its outlook for India as a key market, which along with the US is part of its global expansion plan. According to top priority to this market, the company intends to match the product launches in India with that of global launches. Towards the close of the session, details of a preview event on Jan 5 were revealed, where the company is expected make more confirmed announcements on its main launch date.

The next Le Meetup will be held in Delhi on January 9th, 2016, followed by one in Hyderabad.