iPhone-8 2018

According to the latest news, Apple iPhone may be using the OLED Screens in future for super thin body design. Because of this many panel makers are still under clashing circumstances. Apple still didn’t announce this officially. However, it is still a rumor.

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AUO: Allegedly Apple is planning to invest in shares. In AUO, AMOLED screen has been developed over 10 years and began to supply to Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers in Mainland China.
Samsung (Samsung Display): reportedly been very close and Apple reached a supply agreement of OLED screen and they are investing up to 9 trillion won (about 48.5 billion yuan), Maybe next year they can produce up to 90,000 panels.
LG Display: next year on a 6th gen line, with four generations of half line, OLED panels can be produced up to 95,000.
Now according to a Reuters report, Japan’s JDI (Japan Display) had told them, They will mass production of OLED screen panels from 2018. Via MyDrivers

This news means Apple will create the best thinnest device as well as brighter and better in terms of Display. People have very high hopes from Apple and They are trying to give what user wants. So, Acc to this Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the First Smartphone to use OLED technology.