As Apple iPhone 7 is one of the most trendy topics from last year, and there were lots of rumors regarding the 3.5mm jack and more things. Don’t know if they are right or wrong. As for now the iPhone 7 got leaked in Real Life and It’s going viral what you can see is the iPhone 7’s back which is Quite similar to Meizu MX6 Pro which is a Flagship by Meizu. We don’t think apple will copy anyone, Apple is Apple and they do innovations, What will for iPhone 7 Real ?iPhone 7 Real

That’s the first look from a weibo leak on iPhone 7 Real, The Shell is similar to iPhone 6S so we can say the basic model will be of 4.7″ Display, what’s the new thing in iPhone 7. Camera, Processor, Quality and What? Weibo is popular for pre-leaks of devices most of them are fake but some are real it can be of some.e iPhone 7 have leaked out today. The Leaks are out only from the back of the device. As you can see, in the images, the antenna bands have really been moved closer to the top and bottom edges of the device just like the Meizu MX6 Pro.

iPhone 7 Real Logo

According to camera placement, it seems like it will support the Laser focus, and there is a camera ring because the high-end camera is being used, it may be 13 or 16mp Camera. It will be the most advanced device of 2016. What do you say?

iPhone 7 Real Leaked:

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But remember these are leaks only, Weibo users doesn’t give surely about the reality. iPhone 7 will come in 3 models and It will be water proof, it will support wireless charging. iPhone 7 will be announced in Sept as they do every year. So, Stay tuned.