The new Update iOS 9.3 is coming with Amazing 3D Touch support to Apple’s native apps on iPhone 6S, most of the users are able to update to ios 9.3 or they can access new features in settings.

The Testers and developers got first beta of iOS 9.3 this week and some of them revealed these amazing new addon support to native apps. Apple has added a new option in 3D of App Store is ‘Update all’ and Purchased link means no need to open and surf to these two’s.

Earlier, iOS setting app does not have any 3D shortcuts but with iOs 9.3 it got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Set Wallpapers.



Apple’s built-in weather app also got 3D Touch support in latest update iOS 9.3 only to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users.

However, iTunes store also got some improvements in 3D Touch with View Downloads and Purchased. As well as Apple’s Health app also got two Show dashboard and Show Medical ID 3D Touch Support.

Later, Compass icon is able to show Start level and start compass. So, These are the native apps which got upgrade in iOs 9.3 with 3D Touch Support. This Report is published by AppleInsider First.