The original HTC One brought home the unibody metallic design, while sacrificing removable batteries, and that’s something where other manufacturers have gradually followed suit.

Now all eyes are on HTC to see what they come up with for the HTC One M10.

HTC One M10

  • Alternate Name : The HTC O2
  • Release : Approximate is April-May 2016.
  • Price : $600 to $700


Recently the Taiwanese manufacturer come up with a April-May 2016 release date approximation.

Price HTC One M10 

According to its Revolutionary Design this can make the change in Technology, Price is near to $700 for Medium Version.

All we can really say at this point is that the HTC One M10 will be a flagship phone, and will have a flagship price to match. Expect in the region of £550 to £600.

HTC One M10 Specifications


Dates are came via Mydrivers Site, they just sured in their one post about M10.

HTC One M10. likely to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip: a quad-core number that will top Qualcomm’s range when it’s released.

Backing with 4GB of RAM, which will be required to power the 6 in 1,440 x 2,560 display. It’ll also pack a 27 megapixel camera – good for photography buffs disappointed by the comparative weaknesses of the previous HTC Ones’ snappers. An internal memory of 64 or 128GB will be backed up with a microSD slot, and the whole thing is also rumoured to be waterproof – the first time HTC has attempted this. In any case, rumour has it this will be powered by a 3500mAh battery.

HTC One M10 Design


Images are still pretty thin on the ground at the moment.


we’ll be updating this post as more details of the HTC One M10 as they come  in next coming days.