Today every flagship device is getting Snapdragon 820 Heart and Recently Xiaomi and Samsung launched their Top Flagships with the same processor. According to news HTC will add 820 to their M10 Flagship device too.

Antutu benchmark various a smartphone presupposed to be HTC ten has leaked on the web and this smartphone shows up 156,091 points that show the solid performance of the device.

HTC M10 has leaped so much ahead forgoing competitors like Samsung Galaxy S7, Mi 5, iPhone 6S and LG G5 in terms of performance as so much because the Antutu benchmark scores show North American country. Either HTC M10 has undergone some significant optimizations to attain this a lot of higher or they’re simply merely manipulating the benchmark scores.

It supports 4GB of RAM and QuadHD Display according to Leaks, As of currently there has been no official confirmation from the Taiwanese whole however still it’s pushed the rumor mills running hot. It sounds like in days to come back we’ll be hearing a lot of regarding this forthcoming flagship device from the HTC.