The second developer preview for Android N is out and you’ll be able to transfer it without delay by linguistic communication up for the Android Beta program here. the most recent preview build fixes a couple of problems that overrun the primary preview, together with the shortcoming to attach to hidden WLAN networks. additional to the update could be a new 3D rendering API, current emojis and plenty a lot of.

Android N Top Features
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Launcher Shortcuts

Launcher shortcuts is a motivating new feature further. you want to be acquainted with the Google currently launcher or similar launcher that you just get by swiping up from the lowest of the screen. The new Launcher shortcuts can currently let apps benefit of the launcher mechanic. Google says that you just will, for instance, place a crosscut to your home inside the Maps app. simply swipe and directions to your home are bestowed to you. 3-5 such shortcuts will currently be placed in any app.

Vulkan API

The most outstanding feature of the discharge is that the integration of the Vulkan API (Application Program Interface). The API can provide larger power to developers by scaling down on GPU (Graphic process Unit) overhead. In layman’s terms, the Vulkan API is giving developers pretty much as good as direct access to the GPU, bypassing any software (OS) limitations. With the proper skills, a developer will extract plenty a lot of performance out of the GPU than was potential earlier. Vulkan is analogous to Apple’s Metal API.

Google claims that the API can give up to ten times the performance seen in OpenGL metallic element, in-sure applications, which multiple cores will be utilized in parallel to boost potency.


Android N extremely is shaping up as a serious upgrade over candy.