CREO Mark 1 Update

CREO is one of the Trending topic among Technology world now a days. An Indian startup CREO plans to launch its first smartphone which will be powered by Android in couple of months. With the Good Build Quality and OS Services, CREO claims that You will get a New Phone Every Month means a New OS upgrade Every month, This is Cool Isn’t it. They named it as ‘MARK 1 Smartphone’.

They are competing on OS upgradations as fast as Furious i.e only in Month a new Upgrade for your smartphone.

According to us, we think It will Roll over the Tech mark as well as CREO will come in TOP custom Android Skin OS.

India is one the largest market in the world after China. CREO is launching the Mark 1 on this competition time in the market. Xiaomi and Lenovo like companies are getting big from the India in return, and as per records this will be very big deal for the new companies in India. Samsung is one the most trusty company among Indian Users.

Creo’s Srinivas said that ” Hardware is no longer a differentiator.” That’s why the main focus of this company is on Operating System. Creo’s software-centric approach has been backed by Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures, and India Quotient, which participated in Creo’s first funding round.

“Everyone else boosts the same hardware, cameras, processors. There’s no point in doing that anymore,”” “That’s why we believe our philosophy is very, very valid, because at the end of the day, the user is not going to see the hardware. They will see the software and the more the user can get from the software month after month, the more attached they will be.” – Srinivas said.

What you can expect from CREO OS, the all focus is on Device Security, User Experience and Cellular Data management.
“A lot of things can be done very, very well from the OS layer, but not the app layer, that enhance user experience,” Srinivas explains.creo-mark-1

Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the best Upgraded version of Android and Users feedback is too huge. MIUI gets updated in 40-60 days regularly because of It’s Beta Team in India as well as Globally. So, It is obvious that a comparison will bring up.

One too good thing is, “In fact, you will notice that we will stick as close to Android’s stock UI as possible. The idea is to build functional features that no other smart-phone has. We will introduce features that MIUI or stock Android and even Cyanogen don’t have.”


We also don’t know much about the price, although CREO seems to be aiming for mid-range rocker with a phone that will sell for somewhere between $100 and $400.