Apple is collecting a significant amount of revenue from India itself. The amount of selling of Older models of iPhone in India is growing day by day as Indian’s prefer quite older models over their newer ones due to its significantly higher cost.

Apple is always considering their sales, and this is pretty obvious as they are providing feature loader premium quality smartphones all around the globe. In India, the android flagship killer is their primary rival along with few other premium smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huwai, and LG, etc.

As competition is the matter of fact, Apple is planning to extend their production unit here in India. That means Manufacturing cost will cut to almost 6 – 7 Percentage. Apple contact Wistorn in Bengaluru to assemble their products iPhone SE and another high-end smartphone iPhone 6S. The trial has already been a success for Wistorn and Apple, and they are almost ready to releases their smartphone units into the market.

Right at this point, Apple is selling iPhone 6S for the price of 42,900 for 32 GB variant and 52,100 for 128 GB variant. This is the cost of iPhone 6S assembled in California. As Apple is discussing 6 – 7 Percentage of price cutting which are assembled here in India we can expect its 32 GB variant at around 39,000 bucks and 128 GB variant at about 47,000 bucks.

Apple’s biggest rival in India is One Plus 3 and One plus 3T priced at around 32,000 bucks. The actual time will tell the story that India will accept their new price range for iPhone 6S over One Plus 3T or not. Because Xiaomi is one of the brands which is massively growing in India.

Xiaomi offers the same specification at a very affordable price range, and their products are very premium. But one drawback of their sale is it is not readily available. If they make all their premium smartphones readily available, then they can easily beat the market of iPhone and One Plus.

Well, Apple manufacturing plant in India has quite a big release for Indians, and shortly we can expect their most premium range that is manufactured in India and a price drop of around 7 -10 Percent. If Apple is listening, this is a very big deal regarding their sales and competition.