At WWDC 2016, Apple is released Xcode 8 in which you can develop for any Apple product such as iPhone, iWatch, Mac, TV. In this new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) it supports live previews as well, you can write and change the code according to visual experiences. Developers can download this from Apple’s Developer space.


Xcode 8 ios10

XCode 8 Features:

1. Live Preview.
2. New Memory Debugger
3. Accelerated Interface Builder are also featured.

Apple finally upgraded the coding experience, almost everything is automatic and you can code in a better environment now. Code signing, Device setup are more simple now, you can control it according to your needs.It will generate the managed code automatically all you have to do is Sign, provision and test your apps with connected Apple devices.

XCode 8 is one of the most advanced Coding tool for Apple developers. Prompt messages are there to mark you safe from the Issues. One Best thing is you can get the unique development certificate from each mac if you are working Simultaneously on different mac.