Apple is Most Furious Company every introduced in Market in 2007, Basically every Single Person Loves iPhone. Only Because of Quality as well as Designs. For Super Design and Awesome Features LeEco is Rising Up. You may like to read about LeECO Devices Checkout. Today Apple is on #1 level and still producing some innovations into the iPhones Like 3D Touch is one of them.

New Reports says a Company which is Cupertino-Bases seems to working hard to add some awesome feature in Future.LIFI Apple

Do you know a Tech Geek Posted iOS 9.1 Source Code on Twitter (@kyoufujibaya) where ‘LIFICAPABILITY’ is featured which means Apple is working to add up this AWT (Advanced Wireless Technology).

Apple Tech Blog Apple Insider Posted a Article later on, They are too much excited about this advanced technology. Do you?

What is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), claimed to be invented by Harald Haas (Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh), is a bidirectional, high-speed OWC (Optical Wireless Communication) technology. It is most advanced wireless technology even than WIFI and Secure that other wireless transmissions. LED’s are used as medium for two-way communications to enable faster and secure data connection.

iPhone Air Concept.
Pros of Li-Fi:

Li-Fi is 100x faster than Wi-Fi and transfer data at extreme speed as compared to any other wireless connections. The researchers have been able to achieve 10 GB per second in lap, they also said Li-Fi can achieve unblievale speed of 220+ GB per second. Acc to this user can Load his/her hard drive in less than a minute.

Cons of Li-Fi is it do now work as Wi-Fi do, Wi-Fi can transmit Signals through Room to Room but Li-Fi is Limited to Single Room, Researchers are working on this to fix this issue.

After all these reports, Apple will note waste much time to introduce Li-Fi in iPhones. Stay tuned for Further Updates, Share and Like.