iPhone’s camera process very good quality images and constantly engaged in the hardware arms race continued Andrews have been easy to catch, iPhone 6S While the upgrade 1300-megapixel camera but has obviously not as good as Galaxy S6. Apple may add a Dual Camera support in iPhone 7 to make it better as like as DSLR.

There are news or rumors that Apple will be the first equipped with dual cameras on the new iPhone 7, but only 5.5-inch screen iPhone 7 Plus, and will launch a special version alone is expected to total shipments of approximately 30%.iphone 7 camera dualAccording to the microblogging users @mobilephonechip Daren said, this special edition has an internal code, named as ” iPhone Plus Dual 7 “, which is equal to the same time proved that the new iPhone’s name, and dual camera configuration – or dual sim support?

Of course, this is just the code, what the final call also must, if you take this a bit too long when models.