According to Apple’s new leaks and News, they may do an event in March, iPad Air 3 will be Apple’s last effort in the almost mainstream tablet field, and hope so you are waiting for this latest Innovation by Apple.
The latest news from Taiwan is iPad 3 will be the first equipped with Air 4K Ultra HD resolution screen or the Second Generation or 2048 × 1536, but the screen size is still 9.7 inches, so the pixel density will be greatly enhanced.

The new screen will come from Taiwan’s Hon Hai’s General Interface Solution (GIS), Chen Hong Technology (TPK Holding), which the former is responsible for LCD modules, touch panel and the backlight module, which provides a touch panels.
In addition, iPad Air 3 will be the first equipped with 4GB of memory, 2X than their predecessors and the iPad Air 2.

Insiders said that although the tablet market continues to decline, the competition is Fantastic, but Apple believes that there will be a large number of loyal Apple Fans are waiting for the new iPad.
iPad Air 3 will be announced in the second quarter.