Apple Just Surprised many iPhone and iPad Users Suddenly there came IOS9.1 Update and its Classy!


Changelogs in this Update.

Well, for UK users the main addition will be Apple’s news-curation app.

News. Similar to Flipboard, the app features curated content from an array of different outlets, including BBC News, The Guardian, The Week and The Economist.

The update also fixes a number of issues:

  1. A tweak to Live Photos that stops the camera recording when you raise or lower your phone. The idea is that it will help smooth the 1.5-second footage recorded on either side of a photo being taken, because no-one wants a live photo of a phone being put back into a pocket.


  • There’s also a load of new iOS9.1 emojis.


  • including cheese, a burrito and a unicorn.