Some Features which are Expected in Upcoming Models by Apple.
1) 16MP Dual camera sensor, RGBW feature, quality will be of DSLR Level- RGB sensor used, its time to switch to RGB sensors in which white sub-pixels improves low light   performance of camera.  autofocus speed increase, sensors will be made by Sony, Dual  camera    can given be but lesser chance.
2) iOS 10:
Improve third party keyboard, comprehensive searches from siri, force touch.
3) Force touch. 3D      
 Detect one or more touches, determine UI mode, determine whether touches are light or hard, determine number of touches, determine whether touch is stationary or in motion, determine duration of touches, determine location of touches, perform action based on determination.
4) Screen Sizes:
    4.7 inch 7, 5.5 inch 7 Plus, 4 inch for mini.
5) iPhone7 and IPhone7 plus two flagship launch in september, 25 september is rumored for launch of IPhone7.
6) 3GB,4GB,2GB ram this time, DDR3 RAM in iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPhone7 Mini Respectively.
7) Quad HD resolution may present in 7 plus, Full HD in 7.
8) Fingerprint security: as we know no one can match the security level of Apple Touch
 ID, slight improvement can be seen in next iPhone7.
9) 4′ iPhone7 Mini will be there for Small Screen Device Users.
10) Look ,Design, Camera Department of iPhone is always Stunning.
#These are 95% Sure Specs and Information, For More Stay Tuned.