Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Latest Trailer

In this Latest Trailer Clark Kent interact with Bruce Wayne for the very first time, the whole conversation is about the events happenings and other things happening in the city. You will alseo see Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in action once again. Luthor in this movie seems no one like to expect and he has totally different personality in this movie too as that was hinted in previous trailer. What you think of all of these characters in this trailer there is a surprise too?  for that Watch complete Video.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Latest Trailer (Full Video)

The trailer also shows the fight scenes between Batman and Superman in quick flashes. Yes, they do not want to spoil the complete fun of Fans.

However, The main antagonist is  Doomsday . and according to this movie It shows him being created by Lex Luthor by experimenting on the body of General Zod, which is a just the departure from the original Doomsday story. The Surprise is Wonder Woman’s entry in the end of the movie trailer, & it’s admitted that it is the best part of trailer. This movie is set to release on March 25, 2016.