• Think about it ,why we have choosen the meditation,nothing other than this?why there is need to meditate??
  • why we should stay still without watching anything and meditate?
The questions above asked will take you the real you ,so first step in meditation or spirituality is to asking questions in your daily life and reaching the limits of your mind.

Benefits of meditation:

Now we have to know why meditation and its benefits?

1. Makes you more creative: Meditation makes you more creative , it will arise more of your talents and with this practice you will know you can do anything which you before thought that you cannot do,you can do your work with more excitement more energy and hence the result will become more and you will be a more creative person and the following image show your personality.

2.Reduces Anxiety and stress and gives peace of mind- meditation will remove all your stress and your tension that you have with ,you will be more relaxed after this practice ,now you are aware about your yourself ,you have the choice with you what to choose for you,and you will choose the best for you now thus you will always be in a good mood.

3.Improves your concentration-some of the meditation practices will improve your concentration to such a level that you have never expected ,you will be a more focused person and you know about your goals which you choose from your heart and you go in a great direction.

4Keeps you happy and makes you a friendly person- you are now a man of great character and you will remain in a happy mood in which others are supposed to have a sad mood and you will not take any type of tension and you will connect to the owner of infinite happiness.

5.Improves your health-yes for sure,meditation has a great role in improving your health and makes you more stronger from your heart ,internal strength and a support of great internal soul that we are really.

6.Helps you get to know yourself better- now you will become more fearless ,your self confidence will be on a peak and if you are student it will be the most benefical thing for you because its the beginning and you be more confident student in your class similarly you all can become more confident persons in your fields and get most of you ,you all can know yourself from a depth and modify your weakness into your strengths,it Keeps you connected with your subtle-energy centers and thus enables you to be connected with the power that has created you.

you can now become what you want to become ,because you are a owner of infinite energy ,now we are clear of fact that why meditation we will discuss next how to meditate.

Comment how you feel ?