So Today was a very big day for Apple and it’s Family. today they rolled out the OS Update to every device. iPhone gets 9.2 iOS Update, Apple watch, Apple TV and Mac Computers also got the Updates regarding the OS. There is nothing much in Update but one feature and a big list of Improvements and fixes. Do Update and check out the stability in the Devices.

Image: idownloadblog

Apple Update Changes for Mac OS X

The main focus of Apple is  on performance and stability improvements with OS X El Capitan 10.11.2, and the same as in iOS9.2 too, Nowadays Apple is improving it’s all over Fixes in Operating System. AirDrop, Wi-Fi, and Handoff connectivity are now a lot more accurate and reliable to the users and According to changelogs, Apple had Changes some tweaks in Bluetooth too in case of Disconnect Setting.

Apple Update Changes for watchOS

Today we checked an iPhone Runs on iOS9.2 as well as iPads and iWatch there is one thing in common is fixes and Improvements in the iOS, watch OS, and OS X. WatchOS gets its most needed bug fixing 2.1 updates, that not just removes bugs, but there is Siri and Arabic Language Support? So, Now you can talk to your watch too. In Case of Fixes watchOS, 2.1 fixed issue with Calender earlier calendar was unable to update the events in watchOS. WatchOS language support now: Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Malay, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. You can set when to show the time on screen or when to off. Time will be off automatically according to settings.

Apple Update Changes for Native Apps

FaceTime, Messages both are now fixed as earlier they had some bugs regarding sign in and sign out situations. iCloud Photo will go in flow with Live Photos and all of the errors which encounter during transfer between the Device and the Mac is fixed now.

Apple Update Changes for TV/ tvOS

TvOS now gets upgraded to 9.1 version and Siri support for Apple Music added and Siri for other things in the system.  and other fixes and improvements are done by the Apple Software team. This is all about Apple Update