After those elections, These Facebook Live Poll Reaction Videos are trending. From Trump & Clinton to Messi & Ronaldo or else. It was all over the Facebook, gaining reactions, views and organic reach like a flash, driving small and unimportant Facebook pages to incredible numbers.

UNILAD did the same after a week. The method to create the PHP script to scrape the Facebook API for reactions counter became known. Also, Facebook’s API can’t scrape private profiles so make sure you only use a Facebook business page.

How to create Facebook Live Poll Reactions Video?


There are two ways to do the Facebook live poll reactions. First one is a bit complicated, and other is easy to use. Their developers make these both applications.

Method 1: Visit Here

  • Create a new Facebook Live video from your page’s Publishing Tools and copy-paste the stream key to OBS (Settings>Stream).
  • Click next to see the preview screen in you Facebook video. Now you need to pull the video ID to connect OBS and the counting system.
  • To get your video ID without having to publish the video first.
  • Click Embed in the top left of a corner of your preview window and copy the number after the “video_id=” text (below).

Facebook Live Poll
How to get your Facebook Live Video ID?

  • Now all you have to do is choose the reactions you want to use, set the text for each option and you can also play with the background color and add an image, but that’s something you’ll find easier doing with OBS.
  • Once you finalized the details for your stream, click Submit. In the next screen, you’ll get your stream’s ID, which is only useful if you want to change something later.
  • The interesting link you’ll need to copy is the one below, where it says where you can view your stream (see below).
  • Copy this link and paste it in you OBS’s BrowserSource to connect all ends and you are ready to go. Start streaming in Obs and click Go Live in your preview Facebook window. That’s it.

Facebook Live Poll

Method 2: Visit here.

This method is very simple as well, first you have to get your live video ID (see above how), choose how many voting options to present and choose the emojis you want to use, you can go all-in and have 6 or stay with 2. If you wish to upload a background photo for your stream you can do it from the system or directly from OBS.

Facebook Live Poll
Copy the highlighted text to your OBS.

Once you click add you’ll get a long link in the top row, copy this link and paste it in your OBS’s BrowserSource. If you already copy-pasted your stream key to OBS you are ready to start streaming from OBS and don’t forget to Go Live from your Facebook video as well. This is the complete process of creating Facebook Live Poll Reactions Video. Share and Enjoy!