Recently Google just introduced Tap to Translate feature in translate app. although Translate app has gained lots of new features in past years, but this is the coolest feature we’ve ever seen. It’s like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads, Whenever you copy the text of any other language it will show the popup to translate in any app. for Demo we used in Whatsapp and It’s woking fine!

Tap to Translate Download

Now the main part is, to setup permissions in MIUI OS you have to Go to Security>Permissions>Popup window>Translate>Enable (Accept), Similarly it depend which android version you are using. You can enable to use translate app in SMS app too. All languages are supported by Tap to Translate feature.

Translate is the fastest app by Google to translate any Text and now with this feature it will the #1 Translator Application over the globe. it will show the bubble just after copying, Must check it should be running in background.  You can enable or disable this feature from App settings. To Download APK from APK Mirror

Via Google Blog