Today Android OS One of the most Used and Tweaked Operating System in Mobiles, and Most popular is CyanogenMOD too is. Nowadays This mod is Increasing day by day, Every Second person is testing the latest Cyanogen Version, Here is CyanogenMod 13 nightlies launched for Android One Devices which was earlier launched by some Companies to Increase the Android experience of the normal People. Now In CyanogenMod 13 contains more features, more customization and more development for the specific device and Software updates. We are sure you love technology and that’s you? Yes, you want to test this ROM now on your device.

Required files are available there on CyanogenMOD repository. You have to download your file and install that on your device. Requirement is 1) Unlock your Bootloader. 2) Install a Custom Recovery.
Be Careful while doing this may harm your device and your warranty is Void.  Do Some required search regarding your device so that you can easily install the ROM on your Device without any harm.

Image: GitHub

Nightlies is newly designed or modded Cyanogen version for Android one, If you didn’t use Cyanogen before This gonna be little Delicate for you, This ROM still in Beta Version. Update your device regularly, Check for Updates Regularly, More Updates will be available to fix the Issues and Improvements in the Device. You can report to the developer too regarding your problem and which type of bug you have faced. This Version of Cyanogen 13 Nightlies is in beta mode. So, Be Careful. Daily Update your Device. Report here how you feel with cyanogenMod 13 Nighlies on your Device.

You want to Install CyanogenMod 13 nightlies on your Device? Get your files from Link Below.

Source and Download Link :Download Your Specific ROM for Official CM Downloads Page Here