Apple iPhone has always been amongst the best phones in the multimedia market, It has one of the finest designs with a sleek body, Impressive to a person’s eye.  there has been much mobile company’s coming up with almost too similar design to iPhone.


Apple iPhone Clone

We call those similar looking phones “The clone of iPhone”, Many mobile companies have come up with such iPhone clones, Copying the iPhone design and creating phones with the almost similar body and design.


One of the companies which comes up with Such Apple iPhone clones is HTC. They recently launched the HTC A9, Which is a complete iPhone clone with similar design and body. And HTC A9 is already in the markets worldwide.


And just as HTC even OPPO has come up with such a similar looking device. Creating another iPhone Clone which looks almost similar to the iPhone. More is still to be revealed about the phone, Pictures found from the twitter account of one of the tech leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer @stagueve. More to be revealed about the device, Stay tuned for updates.


iPhone Clone