A recent survey conducted by Bidvine, an online local services platform in UK, revealed that generally social media users change their display picture after 2 years. Since social media has become survival necessary part of our lives, most users check it first thing in the morning. They usually update their profiles every day, but changing profile picture is something they do every 4 years on an average.

This survey by Bidvine was aimed at finding how users want to represent themselves online to other users. For this purpose, they talked to 2,000 users of social media and dating sites in the UK.

It was seen that users of Tinder and Grindr change their display photos after every 2 weeks, whereas users of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram take 5 to 6 months to do the same.

In addition, users of Plenty of Fish and Match.com prefer keeping their profile picture for up to 3.2 years and 4 years respectively.

The social media and dating site users were asked when they change their profile pictures and the results were:

1.       Grindr – 2 weeks
2.       Tinder – 3 weeks
3.       WhatsApp – 2.5 months
4.       Facebook – 5 months
5.       Instagram – 6 months
6.       SnapChat – 8 months
7.       Twitter – 1.8 years
8.       LinkedIn – 2.1 years
9.       Plenty of Fish – 3.2 years
10.   Match.com – 4 years

11% of participants said their profile picture was captured 10 years back, which was quite surprising. Participants had to answer why they didn’t change their display picture frequently, for which 62% replied they couldn’t find pictures they were happy about, whereas 49% said they prefer looking younger in their profile pictures. It was found that ¼ people don’t like showing their facebook pictures to their boss.

Speaking about the results, Mr. Sohrab Jahanbani – the CEO of Bidvine.com – expressed that users of dating sites and professional platforms like Linkedin are far less likely to change their display photo compared to youth.

He further added that professionals do not change their display on social media websites quite often because they rarely find a suitable picture of themselves.

He recommended Bidvine’s latest initiative towards professional photo-shoots at specific booths for professionals who have a tough time deciding what to put up on their displays. Bidvine also acknowledged the importance of professional pictures for weddings and other important occasions. They will announce the dates and venues for their promised free pop-up photo booths really soon.