Kshitiz KharbandaKshitiz Kharbanda

I am Kshitiz Kharbanda. A Software Designer by profession and a cricket lover and technology explorer by passion. I like exploring tech devices. I am here to provide you tips and tricks to help you work around things and simplify your tech world.

Piyush ChopraPiyush Chopra

I am Mr. Techy or alternatively, Piyush Chopra. A tech comrade than a tech guru, I am here to simplify technology and bring technology to your doorstep so you can make the best use of what is around you.

Piyush RanjanPiyush Ranjan

I am Piyush Ranjan. A tech geek and a blogger by heart. I am here to speak my heart out for tech related articles. I am a regular contributor of this site.