One of the major upgrade to Apple’s OS X software line is here; macOS Sierra! Yes, It is coming with complete Siri integration, maybe Apple will release a standalone of Siri for OS X. You’ll be able to drag-and-drop results straight from the search results into a document. Searched results can be pinned right to your Notifications. Let’s check below for other features.

macos sierra release

“It’s the same Siri that we know and love, but now on the Mac, it can do so much more.” – said Federighi.

MacOS Sierra New Features Highlights:

iCloud Drive: You can sync your documents with your Desktop, MacOS systems as well as iOS Devices simultaneously.

Optimized storage: With this cool feature old files data will free up space by shifting the important old files to iCloud. You can fetch the old file whenever you need them from the cloud. It basically shifts the storage to make the environment good.

Apple Pay for the web: One of the awesome feature, you’ll be able to use your iPhone Touch ID or an Apple Watch ID to make secure payments online right direct from the devices. No Need to do specific payment. It’s more like a connected Eco System.

Picture-in-picture: While playing a video and you’ll be able to pop it out as a separate floating box that can be moved around your screen. Similar to the tabs in your browser, you’ll be able to have tabbed windows in other applications, including third-party Apps.

Universal Clipboard: Basically, you’ll be able to sync your clipboard between devices. Highlight and copy something on your iPhone’s screen and you’ll be able to paste it into a document on your computer.

Auto Unlock: It will automatically unlock your macOS with the help of Apple watch if you are working around. Just like fitness bands are used to unlock your smartphones. Apple really did great job with MacOS Sierra New Features.